October 13th, 2020

Tomorrow night all will be revealed. #31skeletons #theskeletonhouse #riphalloween 💀☠️⚰️

The Bound Brook War On Halloween – October 8th, 2020

Today we were interviewed by News 12 New Jersey regarding our borough of Bound Brook. It seems Bound Brook has issued an order banning all Halloween activities including Trick-or-treating.

The day prior to the ban, The NJ Dept of Health and Governor Murphy issued guidance Permitting Trick-or-treating as long as it was done safely and following social distancing guidelines.

It’s confusing why the state of NJ allows trick-or-treating but someone in The Office of Emergency Management of Bound Brook decided against the state issued guidance. As far as I can find Bound Brook is the only borough in the entire state banning Trick-or-treating. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Below is the link to the story and video from NJ News 12.

No tricks or treats: Bound Brook cancels Halloween celebrations amid COVID concerns

We are hoping someone at the Bound Brook OEM will rescind the ban and let all the children of Bound Brook Trick-or-treat just like all the children in the rest of the state will be able to.

On a positive note, we were interviewed along with another couple who live a few blocks from us. We’ve been in contact with them and they are awesome. They run the Bound Brook CarnEvil house and it’s amazing. Here is a link to their page…. check them out!

Bound Brook CarnEvil

Because News 12 New Jersey were going to be filming our house for the story and it’s early in the month, we didn’t have that many skeletons out yet. We chose to put out some more for the filming. Here are some pictures of it all…

We will keep everyone updated on this story and we hope we will be able to share good news soon….

Photography by Jonathan Lees – May 28th, 2020

Greetings! A quarantine update from The Skeleton House. We hope everyone is doing the best they can out in this crazy world. We are looking forward to this season and have some surprises in store.

Last season we were thrilled when photographer Jonathan Lees asked to come by and take some photos. They look amazing so we are sharing them here! Thank you Jonathan! Check out his Instagram here…. #Jonathan Lees #31skeletons #theskeletonhouse