October 18th, 2020 – Meet The Mourners… Part 1 – The Widow and Top Hat

Meet The Mourners… Part 1 – The Widow & Top Hat.

The Widow was always a fan of Halloween. She had met him at an early age and they fell in love soon after. Once, while on a trip to Salem, The Widow asked Halloween “what is your one big regret in life?” Halloween replied “not marrying you on October 30th, Devil’s Night, when we had the chance…” The Widow cried and they were married the following year… On Devil’s Night….

Top Hat’s life was short and sweet. He loved wearing his hat up and down the street. All his neighbors would stare as he’d come and go. They found it so strange he only wore his Hat and no clothes. #31skeletons #theskeletonhouse #longlivehalloween

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