October 21st, 2020 – Meet The Mourners… Part 2 – Mr. & Mrs. Skellington

Meet The Mourners… Part 2 – Mr. & Mrs. Skellington. Mr. Skellington remembers the first time he saw Halloween. He had been out walking with Mrs. Skellington one chilly evening and they had come upon an old house. The house was dark except for a lone illuminated jack-o’-lantern in the window. That jack-o’-lantern was so bright and transfromed the old shack into the spookiest house on the block. Mr. Skellington realized then the true nature of Halloween and was in love ever since. Mrs. Skellington told me things would never be the same without Halloween and it would be dearly missed this year. #31skeletons #theskeletonhouse #longlivehalloween

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